Monday, December 29, 2008


Honestly this year Christmas was less 'festival' and celebrating to me. Things was pretty hectic along the week not to mention need to travel thousand of miles just few day before Christmas. Not forgetting having been rushing the Cambodia project matters to be ready before flying there for meeting. By the time I was back home on 23rd Dec (after 2 hours of flight delay) it was already quite late about 11pm. The next morning back to office for work again.

I was still being bug by diarrhea on that morning in as such have no mood to work. I decided to take MC but until I finished my Cambodia report. Well, I finally went home that Christmas eve at about 4.30pm just one hour before office hour for my so called half day MC.

That evening, Christmas eve celebration was being held at our church and I was on duty for the video crew. Things didn't turn out that well......not to the satisfactory level. First I was late and cause the other crew members to temporary struggle. Second, I was still rusty when handling one of the video camera. I did not really enjoy that night Christmas celebration. Frustrated again, tired, not satisfied and just wanting to go home and crash on the bed!

Many have blessed us and our children with lovely gifts that night. Unfortunately we did not return any.....since we did not managed to purchase any to share with. We feel quite bad about it. On the other hand, most of all I feel I have not really honor the true meaning of Christmas that night....Jesus, the Gift from God. Lord, I am sorry to have distracted on my so called 'duty' and 'responsibility' that I did not honor Your son Jesus for His birth that which gives me hope and joy to celebrate with daily. Blessed belated Christmas!!!


d'Lion said...

Brother CK, don't worry bout the gifts. We know bout your busy schedule. The important thing is that you made it on Christmas Eve and to serve in the "crew".

Your gift to us is being there.

Blessed Christmas.

richrach said...

Bro, u're not alone feeling this... i'm guilty as charged too! :(

Sometimes we get too bz with our own agendas that we forget to reflect upon our lives that Jesus lives in us.

Let's pray that the coming year be a better year for us. That not only we remember and know in our hearts the true meaning of Christmas, but who Jesus is in our lives everyday. Let us grow in pure intimacy with our Beloved. Amen!

cck said...

Thanks for your comfort words, d'Lion.

And well said Richrach.

Let the Lord be Lord of all.