Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Something bugging our stomach

It was report in The Star, people with persistent diarrhea, constipation or bloated stomach should go for medical checks as they could be hosting a newly-discovered micro-organism or pathogen called Blastocystis, said world renowned Malaysian scientist Professor Dr G. Suresh Kumar.

He said it could lead to serious illness if not treated correctly. The possibility of it leading to cancer is being researched now but it can still cause other serious gastro-intestinal ailments. The pathogen could be passed to humans through animal faeces and was water-borne.

This news caught my attention since recently I suffered diarrhea after eating cooked food at Cambodia. My stomach purged for 3 days. Where on earth did this 'newly-discovered' creature came from. It just can't appear out of no where like alien and starts to invade us. There are just too many 'creatures' out there lurking somewhere to attack us. Something is not right affecting our mother nature nowadays.

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