Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Long way up - the chronicle

This year Christmas day was celebrated a bit differently compared to previous year. I decided to bring the whole family including my parents and Silas' family for a long way up to Penang island for a holiday.

We started traveling on Christmas day itself to Malim Nawar, Perak - my mother's home town where my uncles still staying. We put a night at my uncle house before heading straight to Penang the following day. My uncles brought us that Christmas night for seafood feast at Tanjung Tualang which famous for their river big head prawn (Tai Tao Ha). We ate 2kg of big head prawn and 2kg of crab not forgeting also a fresh water fish (Sang Yue) personally caught by my uncle. The food was really good (unfortunately no photos available....to busy eating with both hands and handling the kids).

Traveling from
Malim Nawar (which just 30km to Ipoh) took us about 2 hours to reach Penang island. We headed first to George Town, Tanjung City Marina adjacent to the Penang-Butterworth Ferry Terminal. Stop a while and snap some photos here and there. Afterwhich we move on to Komtar area to search for hawker foods. We end up eating at Jalan Macalister. Foods were just ok but small in portion. Average RM3. Char Kui Tiao was RM4.

Next we drove to search for
Bukit Bendera (after manage to buy a detail map at Komtar). We managed to find it thanks with some helping hand from my dad which act as my navigator. Unfortunately we were just a bit late as the tram ticket was sold out. Disappointed we make a U-turn back to town but end up eating again at Jalan Air Itam hawker area (entrance road to Bukit Bendera). The duck meat soup noddle just caught our attention for a quick bite.

Without wasting time we buckle up and headed to our next
destination at Tanjung Bungah public beach area. How can we not go to the beach when already in the island. We lost our way after trying to a short cut but still able to reach the destination. Spent like an hour there to relax and more photo taking sessions. Ivan just like the beach and the sand.

Our last stop was having our dinner at New Gurney Drive hawker centre. Six of us ordered several kinds of foods like rojak, char kui tiao, prawn mee, fried oyster, popiah, wan tan mee (for Ivan), sotong kang kong and banana abong balik. With our stomach full but not really satisfied with the taste (maybe due to high expectation), we finally decided to head back to Malim Nawar about 8pm. Reaching my uncle's house about 10pm ending our day trip to Penang island.

The next following day (Saturday) we packed up and went home to Kajang stopping along Ulu Yam town for Loh Mee and visiting my grant aunt. Overall we have a enjoyable Christmas family traveling trip on a long way up.


d'Lion said...

Wahhh, 1 day trip to Penang, I sure cannot tahan.

I will have to stay as I won't be able to stand and "sit" in the car for hours.

Next time we go together :-P I bring you to some delicious Penang food other than the one in Gurney drive, but small portion larrr.

cck said...

Wat to do, save cost mah. So go for 1 day trip lo. Sure is fun though. I don't mind the driving.

Maybe next round, stay over for a more relax holiday.

richrach said...

when the next round coming? hehehe...