Thursday, December 18, 2008


My next upcoming 2nd trip to Cambodia is set to be this coming Sunday (21st Dec). Yeap....that's what I said SUNDAY! We are to return on 23rd Dec (Wed). I was so frustrated when I heard the news.

We suppose to go there this Thursday (18th Dec) and back the next 2 days on Saturday. This arrangement is not too bad but unfortunately no return flight ticket available on Saturday. All this due to last minutes decision and arrangement (that would be a long story to be mentioned). I have been working non-stop to get documents ready for the supposed Thursday flight. What a let down. But then....thank God I will be around on Christmas Eve with my loved ones.

This year I might have to miss 'Ko Tong' festival and not able to cherish the once a year 'Tong Yuen' which falls on Sunday.



d'Lion said...

See you back on Christmas eve.

cck said...

Sure bradder. My early Christmas wish to you and family.