Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Smiley in the air

This is unbelievable. In fact not what I ever seen before. There was a clear 'smiley' face in the night sky.

I doesn't know about it until mummy came home....late from work and mentioned it. She insisted for me to check it out and capture photo since it was so unique. I guess I know now why after seeing it. The matter of fact is that I received call from my aunt informing me about it. My dad also received call. A lot of people are excited about it. As if the sky is really smiling back at us. Or maybe it was God Himself giving us a bit of cheers. What ever it is, it sure an interesting night. My whole family together with my parents, Silas, Rachel and Sarah did came out to witness it. What a cool night.


d'Lion said...

Nice smile from the heavens. I missed it, but thanks for sharing the smiley on your blog.

cck said...

The phenomena was reported in Star paper. The two stars apparently was Venus and Jupiter. This happen every 5 years. Gosh, I missed it 6 times already.

d'Lion said...