Monday, December 29, 2008

My 2nd trip to Cambodia

As I previously mentioned I was quite frustrated when the work trip to Cambodia was postponed to much later date......just few days too close to Christmas Day itself. We have to fly on Sunday (21st Dec) afternoon since earlier date was fully book and schedule to return on 23rd Dec. We took the one and only usual afternoon AirAsia flight (only one a day).

This time around, the flight was not really occupied (say about 60%) so plenty of vacant sit. Well, being trained by my other 'season traveler' colleague, four of us sit at the emergency door area. To be exact, roll 12 and 14 (they don't have no. 13 if you wonder typo error)........leg room bigger woh. And actually we need it. You see my Senior Group GM is a very tall person. By the way, also being trained by my season traveler colleague, we book with Express Boarding...meaning cut the queue and board first. Sound 'exclusive' hah, but with an additional price lah.

Our first day there was very much relax since it was a Sunday. By the time we reach our hotel it was already time for dinner. Unfortunately it was there my misfortune begins. The dinner that I ate that evening gives me few days of miserable stomach diarrhea....a.ka. Lao Sai (Part II). Somehow the squid that I ate cause indigestion cum diarrhea. It got worst on my 2nd night there. I hardly can managed to finish my dinner. Anyhow thank God, thing still manageable until I came back KL.

As usual, the time schedule we have at Cambodia was quite tight. Meeting and discusion all day. Gladly this round able to have a fast stop by at one interesting place, the local call it Russion Market...something like our Petaling Street/Chow Kit road (see photo below). They got plenty of goods sold there. Well, here are some of the photos I managed to capture for sharing...

Photo at the development site my company involved in.
River sand was being ship to the site area and later pump to fill the site.

Russian Market scenary. Cramp and plenty to see

Local morning market just below the hotel we stay

Workers busy sorting charcoal in the early morning for selling


d'Lion said...

Nice photos, in capturing life in Cambodia.

cck said...

I wish to take more but still feel a bit shy especially while shooting at people. They tend to stare at you. Need to overcome that if my photos are to be more interesting.

I heard you are flying to Europe hah. So do shoot more to share. Where to?

d'Lion said...

Greece and Hungary for project handover.

But just "overheard" yesterday that the Hungary project is not going live. So might only be going to Greece.

Might stop over in Rome before going to Greece.

cck said...

Wow sound interesting. A worth working trip. How long need to be there? Plan to stop by Vatican City? Aiyoh sure syok la. Envy, envy!!!