Thursday, December 4, 2008

Double security

My office today have implemented finger imprint security access system for staffs to check-in and access the office main entrance. Previously was only using access card. But today will be both. Finger print for the main entrance while check-in and access card for internal entry to respective departments.

I guess it was a coincidence that The Star reported a latest Unisys Security Index survey found that 63% of respondents would opt for the fingerprint as their choice of identification, and 34% the use of PIN. All this possible due to the heighten effects from the Mumbai's attack. Just one more step to go is the introduction of CCTV surveillance system. Wow, that would by real deterrence.

I was jokingly told my colleague that the office seemingly looks like a lock-up centre.


d'Lion said...

ISA lockup arrr?

cck said...

Yeah la. Easy to come in but difficult to go out.... not until squeeze you dry first