Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rear seat belt dilemma

As reported in The Star, parents with four children are confused as to how they are to seat all their children into the back of the car without being caught for overloading. “We cannot leave a child behind in the house when going out, neither can we afford to buy another vehicle to adjust to the new requirement on rear seat belts,” lamented trader Nordin Ahmad from Bandar Perdana Jasmin. Nordin, 44, drives an Iswara Aeroback and is worried how he, his wife and four children would fit into their car without running the risk of being stopped by a policeman.

Road Safety Department director-general Datuk Suret Singh has warned that motorists with more than three rear seat passengers could be fined for overloading.

There you go again. Creating new rules with more new problems unsolved. Worst still hanging like the dilemma faced by Nordin's family. To abide the law yet in the other hand broke another. Is there any better solution and/or suggestion rather than just give 'warning'. People just want to have a clear direction on how to go about their daily life. In there a clear and define written procedure together with guideline for people to follow? Don't say something yesterday and another today or who know what tomorrow. That's why Malaysian law maker is just too shortsighted. who will be in the unnecessary stress? Rakyat la :P

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joshua said...


well, well. malaysia is known for introducing a law (most of the time, not practical) and not enforcing it, right?

so, hopefully in this rear seat belt case, it's the the same. ;)