Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Memorable last month

December is always a significant month to all of us particularly since it is the very last month of the year. People have the tendency to reflect, review, reassess...however you name it, to see how that particular whole year was spent/invested/used.

For me this month means a lot more if not marks another significant milestone in my personal life as well as my family. I just recently passed my 35th year old mark and celebrated 6th year anniversary with my wonderful wife Soo Pei. So I guest there are more to reflect upon.

Well what can I say about 2008. Unavoidable there were some ups and downs. Overall things can be better (most of the time it is so) but yet not too bad either. One prominent fact is that my family have grown biologically with the addition of our little angle, Reanne. That will be our added priceless treasure we cherish this year from God besides our big little boy Ivan.

Got few new exposure and experience, not forgetting setback too. Yet, thanks to God for His gracious hands upon our life throughout this 2008.

Lord, we thank you for Your unfailing love, provision and protection for our family this entire year be it spiritually, financially and in health. We thank you for the new things You have started in our life and the old things You are pruning away. Lord, please continue to guide and lead us as we lean on You in this new and challenging year ahead of us. We declare for breakthroughs and victories as we move forth. In Jesus' name. Amen


richrach said...

Yes, thank God for His grace & faithfulness! :)

It's truly a time to reflect all the great things God has given us. I slept at 5am on 1st Jan cuz i was writing my journal! Hehehe... Couldnt sleep that night! :)

cck said...

Can't blame you. Who can sleep soundly anyway? So much of thoughts and desires to review and reset to start the very first day of new year. Lord, let Your goodness prevail in this new year!