Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Catching Up

Ah Mei and Gary wedding photos

Ivan having fun with grandpa Ah Kong

We drop by Ah Mei and Gary's place after visiting my in-laws last Sunday. It has been few weeks we didn't see each other especially for the kids to have some 'manja' time with their 'Ah Yi' (aunt). As usual, a lot of photo taking time as you can see above. The sisters taking the time to catch up here and there. I catch up with Gary on politics (who can avoid talking it anyway). We even discuss about blogging. It turns out Gary also wanted to blog but no time. The 'fever' is spreading fast.

Ivan got a surprise from his Ah Kong as my father in-law have hand made him two pairs of drum sticks. It was beautifully done. My father in-law is very good with hand works as well as many other things like electronics, computer, camera, videocam etc. Both of them engaged in drum 'jamming' session fun time after that.

We later adjourned for dinner at nearby restaurant and watch the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic.

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