Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Once upon a time....

Reading is a fun activity for you and your toddler, and it helps your child build important language skills.

Here are suggestions for reading to your toddler, courtesy of the Nemours Foundation:

  • Read at a scheduled time each day, such as before bedtime.
  • If your child asks you to read a certain book, read it -- even if it's the same one you read every night.
  • Read slowly, so it's easy to listen and understand.
  • Use lots of expression in your voice when you read.
  • Encourage interaction while you read, including clapping, singing, and using puppets to act out what you're reading.
  • Substitute your child's name for the name of one of the book's characters.
  • Look at the pictures, ask your child to name certain objects, and ask lots of questions.
I feel a bit guilty of not reading to Ivan for some time already. At home already got a lot of books, some we bought and most inherited from others. Lazy daddy....... shy to say own self also didn't read up much. Yeap, lets pick up the books and shows the way of good example. No, no, no excuse.


joshua said...

If u feel a bit guilty, i feel a bit more guilty than u...

cck said...

hmmmm..... lets beef up bro for the sake of our children!