Monday, August 25, 2008

Unwelcome Kiss

Merely just few weeks after our family car celebrated its 1st birthday, it got its first 'kiss' at the rear bumper yesterday.

The whole incident happen rather unexpectedly. We were on our way after church to the kids paediatrician for their schedule immunization. You see, our car got 'kiss' while queuing in the traffic light. The weather was not really great as rain was pouring quite heavily. We were totally shock (except Ivan who was fast asleep) when the 'kiss' happened. I ordered the 'culprit' to pull over for settlement talk. I was very upset indeed. I mean how can it happen while in traffic.

We stop and came out to have 'settlement talk'. The 'culprit' was an middle age women driving a BMW (I think it the old 3 series). I frown at her as I asked her what actually happened. She didn't step her break well or something like that and partly blame on the rain. I keep on checking my car bumper as she apologizes. I didn't bother to listen anyway as I want to properly examine any damages might occur. Thank God nothing serious. The bumper still intact . Just some minor scratch with no dent. Finally I 'let' her go. Pei said why let her go so easily. At least get her contact no. should anything serious discover later. She quickly informed me the vehicle plat no. for me to jot down.

As I re-examine the car later, confirmed only minor scratch. What a relief.


richrach said...

sad to hear about your one-year old car.

well... hard to find the person with only the number plate. dono lar... it will be a real hassle too... unless JPJ is very updated with their database ler. speaking about efficiency... that'll b another matter.

happened before with our car. it got hit by a sleepy blue kancil driver near cheras toll. quite bad... we got the phone number. in the end, the person never pick the phone up. we sorta knew where this person was turning (after work)... so kinda thought she was staying near that area... we actually went to search for her car (it was a kampung area)... high and low... after all the hassle, we went back empty handed. aih... got phone also no use for this case... sometimes best to just settle it there n then... once and for all... if settle outside police station means get the person to pay an amt there and then...

richrach said...
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richrach said...

oh yah... another silly thing that we did... we got a camera... and we took picture of our car kena bang... duh duh! should have taken her photo, and her car + plate number... at least let her know WE ARE DEAD SERIOUS!

so guys, another thing to do when this kinda thing happens... take out your camera and do your blogger's job!

cck said...

I agreed with you. I a bit regret letting the culprit go so easily. Shld got hold her IC no. instead and photo. Anyway again thank God nothing serious. A lesson to learn is to keep cool and quick to act. On the spot settlement is the best! Thanks Rachel for sharing your experience.

richrach said...

no problemo bro!
share share experience to avoid same mistake. ;o)

d'Lion said...

Praise God nothing serious.

Happened to me before too, years ago, a car bumped into my Wira aeroback. the other man dreber did not show any expression.

After examining it, looked ok just minor scratches.

Since there was heavy traffic, after office hours... I said it was ok, but he still did not show any change in expression.

After I reached home, and further scrutinizing the bumber, I found it misaligned.. sigh!!!

Ohh man, should have gotten $$$ there and than.

cck said...

Overall I think M'sain dreber just aim gentlement and/or courteous (include me I think). Many unnessecary accident happend due to foolish act. Out there just too many cars. What to do public transport lousy!