Monday, August 11, 2008


The whole of last week was full of disruption makes blogging much tougher to do.

First of all, our two little kids was not well. It started with Ivan who was down with asthma, cough, flu, fever at one go. Ivan didn't sleep well at night for few days as he cough badly and wheezed. It is not a very nice feeling to see him go through that as I know very well how it is like. I too suffered asthma during my childhood days. When we consulted our doctor, Ivan was put into nebulizer to relief his constrained air passage in order to breath better and this not his first time being treated with it. The asthma should not be there as I told God and myself. Both Soo Pei and I is determine to get him heal from it by God's grace and healing power. I managed to ask Ps. Dexter to pray for Ivan yesterday after Sunday service. Ivan is much better now apart from losing a bit of his baby fat. >Sigh<

Reanne on the other hands was down with fever, running nose and cough. We presumed she got those virus from Ivan. Just last Sunday she had her 3rd pneumococcal jab. This is first time Reanne got sick. The phlegm in her throat causes irritation and sensation to cough. She cried to complaint her discomfort. When we bring Reanne to the nearby clinic, we were being 'lecture' by the 'experience' doctor how should prevent and take care our children wellbeing. Well, we take it with open mind as we told the 'good' doctor. After thought we better postpone her next immunization jab supposedly to have it this week.

On work wise I was outstation for one day trip to Penang to sought thing out there. When up there by driving with two of my senior managers. Thank God they arrange driver to drive us. If not I gotto to drive since I am the most 'junior' around. Got a bit tired up the next day as it has been a while I do day trip traveling. Last round was by flight. Company is looking into cost saving as tough times looming in. Soo Pei too was tired out by taking care of the two little ones especially during the night time. As parents, it is part of the 'job' to juggle day to day challenges that greet us.

There you go, our disrupted week as summarized above. Looks forward to this week for fresh start :)


richrach said...

Yes! A new start this week!
Ivan is getting better i can see...
Will continue to pray for Reanne. It does saddens me too to see her "in pain".

cck said...

Reanne slept well yesterday nite without waking after taking the medication. Phhheewww...for a start. Thanks for the prayer.

richrach said...

CK, wats the lecture tht u & sp had from the doctor? care to share? :)