Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Moon is in the air

Did you spotted any Mickey Mouse? Clue is 'tanglung'

We went to Sunday Pyramid two Sundays ago for a 'short' mega sales shopping. Can't help but to notice a big festive season is around the corner. We were greeted with colourful tanglung with all shape and size. Not to mentioned like hundred variety of mooncake being display for sales. Yes, pretty soon Mooncake Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival gonna come. To be exact on 15 Sept (Sunday).

It's going to be Reanne first experience. Maybe this year Ivan actually gotta have a chance to hold a tanglung.....real traditional tanglung with candle. It will not be complete if one did not experience the old fashion way of playing real tanglung. Looks like Mickey Mouse will be Ivan's favourite. How fortunate kids nowadays. My time best you can find a rabbit, fish etc and most fanciful might be the 'Ultraman'.

Am looking forward for the festival to arrive.

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