Friday, August 15, 2008

Commendable Service

I sent my car for service near my house area newly opened Toyota Showroom cum Service centre last Saturday. It was just less than 5 min away. I arrived second from another guy at about 5 min before 8 am. Appointment was made one week ago to avoid disappointment knowing this is the only service centre in my town area.

Sure enough it was very popular. This because the nearest other service centre is at Balakong or Cheras which both about 15-20km away. My previous visit all done at Balakong. So I am pretty happy when this new centre was opened.

What surprise me is that the centre even provide nasi lemak and hot drinks
for breakfast. Earlier I thought of having my breakfast across the street after dropping my car at the centre. I said to myself , this is real good service as helps me safe breakfast hassle.

My nasi lemak and hot nescafe with view inside the workshop

It took close to two hours before I can take my car while I waited there. Possible because my car was service for the 20,000 km 'big' checking. Finally I drove alway happily with my car cleaned and shinning body.

Few days later, the officer that attended to me called to check whether everything is fine with my car after the service. I was quite surprise the extend of their good service went. It was indeed a commendable service I been through so far. Keep it up Toyota!


d'Lion said...

Wow, nasi lemak. The service center in section 19 PJ, only serves us biscuits, and of course the hot drinks.

cck said...

Balakong centre also give biscuits only. Not bad hah. Come here la :P

d'Lion said...

Hehe... really outta way for me lerrrr, but I am feeling the pull of the nasi lemak.... itz calling meeee

cck said... time I ta pou for you.