Monday, August 11, 2008

A year old

Our family car just turn one year old two Saturdays ago on 2 August 2008. It has already run 24,600 km mileage ever since we drove it out from the Toyota showroom.

I must say this family car has served us well thus far. Meeting most of my expectation mostly in terms of fuel mileage which about RM0.21-0.22 per km (after fuel hike). Performance is there enough to bring us around. Many occasion we pack ourselves into this car with the whole family (6 adults, 1 kid, 2 babies) traveling around town for shopping, eating etc. It fulfilled its purpose originally planned. I am glad we had this car.

Looking back, I must thank God for He is the One allowed me to have the finance capacity to owned it. That time, God opened door for me to obtain salary increment as a result of better job offer. It was good opportunity then to change my old Proton Iswara which is already ten year old for a better suited family car.

Thank you Lord once again for Your provision and blessing.


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I realize that as God expand us financially, spiritually etc, He to provide other means to cater our expansion. In my case biological expansion with provision of 'expand' car! Get ready to expand