Saturday, August 16, 2008

Six and counting

Our dear Reanne has turned 6 months old yesterday! What an amazing period watching her grow just as we did for Ivan.

For her it was quite different from Ivan. She is sweet, calm, cool and accommodating (to parents and grand ma). She is turning more and more to a lady as day goes by. We can't wait to dress her up with many, many beautiful clothes. Recently Reanne's uncle 'Chiu Chiu' gave her a set of beautiful baby clothes complete with head bends, hat, mittens and socks. Ivan too got a beg as present. Thanks Chee Yong!

She able sit pretty well without support, likes to grab things, playing more with her fingers, sucking fingers, started eating porridge, can roll a little bit etc.

The following photos show the changes Reanne when through with more baby fats adding to her cute face. Is that daddy's eyes and mummy nose? Or mummy's mouth with daddy's chin?
Reanne when only 2 days old

Reanne now 6 months old with beautiful big eyes.
The hat was a present from 'Chiu Chiu'


d'Lion said...

The cat hat fits her features well

cck said...

Meow.....meow. I like the hat too

richrach said...

dan, thou shall not covet ok?!! :p

babies really look different by within weeks and months.... :)