Monday, August 11, 2008

I can do it

You gotta be very proud when your children comes out to you and said I can do it. I am especially when he is still only two and half year old!!!

At first I find it rather not easy to let go but then after several round seeing Ivan doing it, I am starting to realize actually he can. He would say, "Ivan do it". Now he can managed putting on his shoes, dress up with T-shirt and pants, pull up his own socks, taking photos using my camera phone (with good angle), feed himself with fork and spoon (but still a bit messy) and more.

Yesterday, he washed a children size cup after finishing his drink at my parents in-laws place assist by my sister in-law. Last Saturday night after buying a children size chair at Ikea, while I was fixing up the chair Ivan handed me an Allen key from the tool box which fit exactly to the given screws. I am amazed. And Ivan said he want to do it. He is just full of confident!

This little kid is just too eager to grow up. Anyway I am glad he puts on the initiative to explore. And as parents we need to allow the space for our kids to explore giving them the opportunity to build up their confident, enthusiasm and creativity. You will be surprise what our children can do in return.

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