Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Outdoors good for kids' eyes

Parents now have another reason to shoo their kids outdoors to play, along with making sure they get enough fresh air and exercise. In a study, Australian researchers found evidence that children who spent the most time outdoors were the least likely to suffer from myopia, also called nearsightedness or shortsightedness.

"Our evidence suggests that the key factor is being outdoors, and that it does not matter if that time is spent in having a picnic or in playing sport," Dr. Kathryn A. Rose told Reuters Health. "Both will protect a child's eyes from growing excessively, which is the major cause of myopia."

Myopia has become increasingly common in recent decades, with more than 80 percent of people in some highly-educated groups being nearsighted, Rose of the University of Sydney and her colleagues point out in the journal Ophthalmology. Work that requires a person to focus on something close up -- for example reading -- has been proposed to cause nearsightedness, they add.

I definitely prefer not to have my kids to develop specky eyes like me and mummy. Well, more reason to leave my couch potato behind.


richrach said...

soopei specky?

cck said...

yeap. broke her speck sometime ago but didn't renew one yet. Maybe God have heal her too.

cck said...

Anyhow, both Ivan and Reanne is just too pretty to ware a speck. Possible spoil Ivan chance to become pilot since he likes plane so much. Nope to speck!!!