Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fonterra Anmum Malaysia is safe

Baby formula milk sold in the country is safe, Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said. "Parents need not be worried about milk powder contaminated with melamine as is the case in China because Malaysia does not import baby formula milk from China,”

According to reports, three infants have died and more than six thousand have fallen sick after after consuming milk contaminated with melamine, an industrial chemical used to make plastic cups and saucers.

Meanwhile, in Petaling Jaya, Fonterra Brands Malaysia assured customers that its milk products in Malaysia were safe. In a statement, company general manager John McKay said consumers could buy its Anmum, Fernleaf, Anlene, Chesdale and Anchor brands with absolute confidence.

“The issue relating to the safety of China milk powder products is confined to products made from China-sourced raw milk sold by Sanlu in mainland China.” McKay said none of the batch in question was exported out of China, adding that the recall for Anmum Maternan in China only applied to one batch manufactured and distributed only in China. The statement said Fonterra was a minority 43% shareholder in Sanlu and did not export China-made milk products.

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