Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Recently after Reanne have learn to crawl, her span of interaction have also expanded noticeably at night.....mid-night.

She would be still very alert and on the go even when passed her normal sleeping time. She would roll, babble, crawl, making melodies.... but sleep. Here (the video below), you shall see by yourselves. Video was taken about 12am plus.

P/s: Pardon on the angle of the video. Took with my SE phone but unable to rotate to proper angle. Please do not strain your neck...we shall not be liable for it ;)


joshua said...

haha yes, the 'rotating' problem.

should take with 'landscape' view with older SE models.

the newer models can take both 'portrait' and 'landscape' view.

i blogged about it here:

richrach said...

Yes... 2 girls both wide awake at that time... making us parents like panda bears every morning.

cck said...

Jo, belief I tried to 'turn' the video but at the end I gave up. Anyway it give a twists to the video.

Rachel, most possible influence by us as we sleep late during pregnancy time. So, the kid just follow la...