Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mars press release

Mars Incorporated who owned M & M, Snickers, Mars, Dove, Twix and Skittles chocolate candies press release on 23 Sept 2008.


Mars has been following with great concern the latest crisis affecting the dairy industry in China. We offer our sympathies to the individuals and families affected by these unfortunate events.

Mars China is committed to the highest standards of quality and safety and all of its chocolate and confectionery products are manufactured and tested through a series of strict internal processes, based on recognized international standards. In fact, our stringent quality control systems in place in our factories in China are essentially the same as those employed by Mars in any other part of the world.

Mars China does not source any milk powder or other ingredients for any of its products from any company which has been found to be selling melamine-contaminated dairy products. Just last week, AQSIQ (the Chinese food safety watchdog) tested product samples of Mars China’s milk powder suppliers and found them to be free of melamine.

We are confident that none of our chocolate or confectionery products made in China include any dairy ingredients adulterated with melamine.

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