Friday, September 19, 2008

Fonterra Notice

The following is the official notice posted in Anmum's website.

From what I found out at the news Sanlu, a milk powder producer 43 per cent owned by New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra, was ordered to halt production last week after investigators found the chemical melamine in its powder was causing kidney stones in infants. Farmers or dealers supplying milk to Sanlu may have diluted it with water and then added melamine, used in plastics, fertilisers and cleaning products, to make the milk's protein level appear higher than it actually was.

Melamine was linked to deaths and illness of thousands of cats and dogs in the United States last year after it was added to pet food components exported from China. Normally inert, it can trigger the formation of kidney stones in the presence of cyanuric acid.

We need to practice caution when purchasing diary products especially from China. Read the labels. Not that I want to boycott but no choice to adhere prevention.

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