Friday, September 5, 2008

Tin cow

Only last week I went glossary shopping for Ivan's formula milk powder. Ivan have been consuming formula milk powder since he turned 1 year old. It also that period Ivan was permantly stopped being breastfeed by mummy. Since then Ivan have been drinking Anmum's Essential 1+ (1.8 kg) until now.

During two and half years of faithfully patroning Anmum Essential 1+ has seen tremandous change in the retail price. We first bought it at mere thirty something and now have hike to RM55.50 per tin (hypermarket price is even higher). Hundred over percent of price increase! That's not all, I got to know from the 'tauke' of the regular chinese herbal & minimarket that I patroned Anmum have launched a new packaging. The new packaging biggest range only 1.3 kg but fetch at RM42.90 per box. Average it's about 33 cent per gram. Much expensive than the old packaging (1.8 kg) which average 31 cent per gram (based on RM55.50 per tin). At the surface, the new packaging 1.3 kg looks less expensive and reasonable at RM42.90.

Knowing that, we quickly opt to purchase half a dozen of the old packaging tag at RM55.50 per tin for 'hoarding'. (Not illegal as formula milk powder not under control item). By comparison, we have save about RM23 or 7% from that action. We estimated that it will last Ivan's another 5 months until he turns to 3 years old. Perhaps by than we will opt for another alternative formula milk powder to suit Ivan consumption.

Talk about price increase. Parents nowadays really have to think, plan and act wisely on the aspect of monetary management. Like in this case, be on the know so that can exercise better decision/action on long term basis.

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