Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nestle Malaysia Press Release

Nestle Malaysia press release on 22 Sept 2008.


Nestlé Malaysia would like inform the public that the milk powder for all its dairy based products currently manufactured and distributed by the Company are sourced from suppliers from Australia, New Zealand, Europe or the USA.

For all Nestlé milk powders in Malaysia including NAN, LACTOGEN, NESLAC, NESPRAY EVERYDAY and NESTLÉ Omega Plus and dairy-based products such as MILO, NESTLÉ ice cream and NESTLÉ yogurt products, the milk powder used as raw material or ingredient is sourced from Australia, New Zealand, Europe or the USA. Nestlé Malaysia DOES NOT import any milk powders from China.

All milk powders supplied to Nestlé are checked and verified on safety and quality. Nestlé applies very strict quality control measures and risk assessment at all levels of its raw material sourcing and manufacturing processes. We comply with the strictest safety standards and assure consumers and customers that Nestlé products are safe for consumption.

In addition, we have received a safety assurance from our largest milk powder supplier that states, “all products sold and marketed outside China and Taiwan are free of any possibility of contamination with melamine from local Chinese raw milk and adhere to the strictest New Zealand and international standards.”

As further reassurance to local consumers, the Food Safety and Quality Division of the Ministry of Health had issued a statement last week confirming the safety of milk products in the country. Nestlé has also written to the Ministry of Health to confirm the safety of our products in Malaysia.

Following recent press reports claiming that traces of melamine had been found in a Nestlé growing up milk in Hong Kong, the Nestlé Headquarters in Switzerland issued a statement that the Company was confident that none of its products in China is made from milk adulterated with melamine.

The Hong Kong Government's Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has just released a report declaring that NESLAC Gold 1+ which was mentioned in the media reports, is safe and that no melamine was detected in the product. NESLAC Gold 1+ was previously tested by government-approved independent laboratories such as the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Ltd. (18-20 September) and the Food Industry Research and Development in Taiwan (16 September). Neither test detected melamine in the product. NESLAC Gold 1+ from China is no available in Malaysia.

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