Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fonterra China recall Anmum Materna

On Sept 16, Fonterra have release statement on their milk formula products at China in the concern of the tainted baby formula scandal. As of today more than 6,200 infants across the country developed kidney stones after drinking Sanlu's baby formula which was tainted by melamine, a chemical believed to help increase the protein content in the milk. Three babies have died. (read previous post: Tainted milk formula at China)

Fonterra China statement.
Fonterra China today announced a voluntary recall of one batch of prenatal milk sold in China under the ANMUM Materna brand name.

This particular batch had been manufactured and distributed under licence by San Lu using what we believe to be contaminated local raw milk. A company spokesman said this issue applies to the one batch of ANMUM Materna which was distributed in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). None of the batch in question was exported out of China.

All other ANMUM and ANLENE products in the market have been produced using only 100% fully imported milk from New Zealand and are free from any possibility of contamination with melamine from locally sourced milk, and adhere to the strictest New Zealand and international standards. Fonterra China said the stock was being recalled because consumer safety was the company’s utmost concern.

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