Friday, September 5, 2008

Mountain Break

Great to be back again at near sea level after three days at the mountain - Cameron Highlands. It was pretty cold for me. The rest of my family members did better than me. Even Reanne enjoying herself on her first ever mountain trip. Ivan too was having his good time there given that this was his second time being there.

We went up together with my parents in-law and sister in-law last Monday and stay at Tanah Rata Greenhill Resort. Our entire stay there were greeted with rains. Anyhow it does dampen our plan as our main objective there is to hang loose and relax. Our previous trip (last year actually), we already been to most of the places at Cameron.

The apartment was great with three rooms and readied with cooking facilities. It even has RCI (Resort Condominiums International) status.

We only eat out once at Restoran Ferm Nyonya, Tanah Rata. The rest of the meal was own cook with vegetables bought from the nearby farms. Fresh and great to eat thanks to my father and mother in-law cooking.

It was a refreshing break at the mountain. Fresh air and healthy foods. I will keep this post short and continue later with more photos. patient :)

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d'Lion said...

Fresh air, fresh food, R&R, rest and relek broo, what more can we ask for :D