Friday, September 12, 2008

She got nightmares

Women 'more prone to nightmares'?

Research suggested women experience significantly more nightmares than men and have more emotional dreams,
In a study of 170 volunteers asked to record their most recent dream, 19% of men reported a nightmare compared with 30% of women. Researcher Dr Jennifer Parker of the University of the West of England said there was no difference in the overall number of dreams reported. Other research has shown women tend to have more disturbed sleep than men. One factor which has been linked to this is changes in a woman's body temperature during her monthly cycle.

After reading this article of finding, I now
might be knowing better why Pei complaint she always have a lot dreams. I often thought that she might have think too much during the day or before sleep. But now it most properly not the case. I don't know how true is this finding which related bad dreams to monthly cycle. Thinking of it, I seldom remember myself having any dreams. Or just maybe too insignificant to remember. Do you have a lot dreams or bad ones?


richrach said...

i dream A LOT too. I thought my mind was super active during sleep, and that's why sometimes after the sleep, i felt i wasnt rested well too.

Silas - like u! He doesnt seem to remember having dreams when he sleeps. Hmmm...

However, sometimes it does feel fun to have dreams while sleeping... like watching a movie! Only thing is sometimes I'm the main "actress" :D

cck said...

So now we got 2 confirms the finding. Is tat how you find 'inspiration' on your editing? Just a thought....hehe

richrach said...

FYI, inspiration doesnt come from my dream ler... how unfortunately. Err.. but then again, even if it does, it's from my sub-conscious. I cant exactly remember what i dream at times. I only remember the feeling of excitement or anxiety. :p

cck said...

No horror movie for you for sure