Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daddy, we miss you!

Daddy (The Author) is just one day away from home, and now every one of us in the family has started to miss him. Neither was it due to the amount of time, nor was this the first time he travel in his duty, but it was because in our mind we know that he has gone to Cambodia, a place far-far away. It is the distance that counts.

Poor little Ivan, I don’t know how much he can understand when we said Daddy is flying abroad to work. Though he used to observe aeroplane flying across the sky, and usually got very excite, but he has not flown nor seen someone flown before in an aeroplane. When asked, “Where is Daddy?” He would recite, “Daddy flied away.” But last night during our bedtime, Ivan asked again about Daddy. I told him, “Daddy is not coming back to sleep these two days because…”

Then, instantly, he answered, “Oh! Daddy flied away in an aeroplane ah? Daddy go far far away… up there high high… to the space? (I think he confused the aeroplane with the rocket) The sun... the star…” Then he pretended to sob and said “Daddy didn’t bring Ivan…” I wanted to laugh but at the same time touched by his expression. Wanted to sooth him, I assured him, “Its ok, Daddy is working, he cannot bring you there. He is coming back the day after tomorrow.”

“Oh! Yes ah? Daddy’s coming back? Then Ivan happy… Ivan happy…”

With the hope that Daddy is coming back soon, we cheered up again. And finally, we went to sleep peacefully.

One thing worries me is that I still didn’t hear from Chun Kiat since the last time before depart from KLIA. Just pray that the Lord keep him safe and cover him wherever he goes. In Jesus name, amen.

By Soo Pei


cck said...

Hey mummy I am fine here at Cambodia. I forgot to activate my phone roaming. So can't call out or sms. Sorry to keep you at home worry. I am blogging from the hotel internet spot.

I am very surprise to see your blog when open the site. Send my love to the kids. Daddy gonna be home soon. Love you :)

richrach said...

Awww... that's so sweet... :)

SooPei, welcome to the blog's world! Hope to hear more fr u!

d'Lion said...

Daddy is fine.... with the WWW he is even nearer than we think.

soo pei said...

Great to hear from you daddy! What a relief to know that you are fine, and Cambodia is more advance than I thought. At least we can still stay in touch.

Rachel and Daniel, thanks for your encouragement. Seem like I have to (forced to) catch up with hi-tech hi-touch.

阿佳 said...

Wah...Ivan can tell so many things from his thoughts already... :)