Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Five days work

Starting this month, my office have revised the working day to 5 days week instead of 5 and half days recent being for more effective and efficient operational reasons. Working hours have been extended with additional 1 hour from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

Previously we need to work on Saturday based on alternate basis which mean working on two Saturday only in a month.

But if calculate carefully, staffs actually works extra 12 hours based on the latest working time. Original working hours was 168 hrs per month (20 days @ 8 hrs + 2 Saturdays @ 4 hrs) . Latest working hours is 180 hrs per month (20 days @ 9 hrs). Even that it made no different to me as normally I worked even after 6.00pm. However I do appreciate with a completely free additional time for all my Saturdays. Most of my friends are already 5 days week. I am glad with the changes that made. Just need to use it wisely that's all if not it will be an excuse for me to sleep late ;P


Da'Lion said...

Welcome to the 5 day working day club

richrach said...

good for ya! now can go lepak here n there on sats!

cck said...

Looking forward for more productive activities to be invest in this free days. Have been waiting for this moment since working 12 years! Thank you Lord.

joshua said...


to improve the quality of our lives, we have to improve the quality of our relationship

sounds familiar? 8D

cck said...

True bro Jo. Relationship is the priority. It's not how you spend it's how you invest the time that count!