Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Got the ticket

Today I just got my confirmed AirAsia ticket to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for a 3 days work trip there. I will be going there on next Monday and be back the following Wednesday evening. The trip supposed to be on this Thursday but all tickets were sold out due to last minute booking. I was informed to be on board the Cambodia project team only last week. Hmmm....

I will be working along with my colleague, a Project Manager to manage the construction of bungalows together with others appointed Malaysian consultants. Hence, from now on I will need to travel back and forth minimum once a month until the project completed. Initial stage will need to be there fortnightly. Estimated the duration will be about 2 years the most.

I personally have not been there before, so this will be my first. The furthest I have been was Bangkok, Thailand (it was a factory visitation trip back in 2002). I always have a feeling that I will be traveling there but never come across my mind through work.

Lord, guide me as I have never travel this path before. Let Your protection be upon my life and my colleague as well. I commit therefore this project that You have sent me to for Your blessing. Trusting that You have a purpose for my presence there. In Jesus' name. Amen.


d'Lion said...

Amen! For protection, for favour, for successful project and for covering for your family when you are away.

cck said...

thanks bro. This will be my first time on long term oversea project.