Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Banned China food products

In today news headline, our Health Ministry has banned food products worth RM3.28mil from China due to the presence of melamine-tainted additive, ammonium bicarbonate, a raising agent.

This will have a grave effects on the upcoming Chinese New Year which is just less then three months away. I just can imagine the various CNY a 'must have' or symbolic festival items could in jeopardy such as the Mandarin oranges, dried meat, melon and sunflower seeds, niangao, etc.

Thanks to melamine, next year CNY will be sure different if not less 'festive'. But I am sure we Chinese will able to find ways to compensate that 'lack' with other means. Important is not the items or foods (though it's synonymous with everything Chinese do), but the kinship and fellowship we cherish with our loves one, friends and relatives.


d'Lion said...

time to eat more local food for CNY

richrach said...

mebe can try ketupat n satay

cck said...

Hey can we replace mandarin orange with 'jambu batu'? Healthier and cheaper ma :) No worrier of melamine.

And ya ketupat not a bad idea to replace niangao. So as satay for dried meat. A Malaysia new version of CNY!