Friday, November 21, 2008

Hey I can ride

Surprise, surprise, our little lady is riding the toddle stride-ride vehicle of cause.

Reanne was comfortably sitting on the ride when mummy place her there. She didn't complaint tough but enjoying herself with the ride pretty well. Then I guess one thing leads to another.......she begins to stroll with the ride. Amazing. Personally Reanne has surprise me. All the while she shown to be soft, gentle, play safe but not the adventurous type. I guess I was wrong about my baby girl. She got some stuffs might have yet to be pulled out from her sleeves.



d'Lion said...

Vroom vroomm go baby go

CHRIS ONG said...

hey, so cute la, your kids, ivan esp, is so pinchable...
rgds to soo pei

cck said...

cute is a complimentary to Ivan. Wait till you see him 'play'. Getting to be 3 yr old is really challenging for parents. Don't you agree?

my regards to Samuel & Jordan too.

richrach said...

i think she will also be a very careful driver in the future... that is VERY VERY important to be!

Way to go, Reanne! :)