Monday, November 17, 2008

My bag is packed

Today is D-day going to Cambodia on my work trip there for 3 days together with my another colleague.

Our flight will be by AirAsia at LCCT @ 3.15pm. The destination will take us about 2 hours flight to reach Phnom Penh. Got a bit of butterfly in my belly since it is my first trip there some more on working trip. I have been busy preparing the necessary working documents the last few days in order to be ready for our meeting there.

I don't think will be able to blog this couple of days until I am back home again. So, catch up later :)


richrach said...

Have fun, CK! :)
Have a safe journey!

d'Lion said...

Yes CK have a safe, good & fruitful trip to Cambodia

cck said...

Thank guys. So far so good. My aggenda has been achieved so far. Just one more day of meeting tomorrow, then back to KL :)