Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Longest day

It happened unnoticed as we didn't anticipated that the complaint have serious tone behind it.

Early last week, Ivan started to complaint about having cough during bedtime. But we thought he just trying to make it up as an excuse. Then Tuesday the cough became very apparent. During the night time it turn to bad wheezing and subsequently a restless night for Ivan as he tries to get himself to sleep.

Next morning, Pei took leave to bring Ivan to have a check with a clinic doctor hoping to relief the asthma. We try to avoid having Ivan to use the nebulizer. He just don't like that mask thing. Unfortunately the doctor said Ivan condition needs immediate usage of the nebulizer. Ivan condition didn't improve until the evening when we decided to go for a second round of checking with the same clinic. Hence second round of nebulizer. The clinic doctor have advice for emergency admission to hospital for a constant treatment against the bad wheezing if it still persist and written a letter for us to do so. The relief just only managed to last not more than 3 hours when the bad wheezing resumed.

Decision have to be made whether to admit Ivan. But the wheezing is just too much for that little body to take it. That whole day, our poor Ivan just wanted to lay down and sleep. Shunning away his regular milks and porridge. At almost 11pm, we decided to admit him to the nearest medical hospital upon checking with our medical card panel list. My dad drives Pei, myself and Ivan to the hospital whereas Reanne stays home with my mom.

Within an hour after arriving at the hospital attended by the on-call paediatrician doctor, having another round of nebulizer, taking of blood sample and X-ray, finally Ivan was admitted to a ward. The doctor have prescribed nebulizer treatment for every 2 hours. It was the longest night for both Ivan and me as I was there to accompany him throughout that night. Pei gotta be home to attend Reanne.

The next day, Ivan gradually return to his normal self. The wheezing was almost unnoticed already thanks to the overnight continuous nebulizer treatment. Ivan appetite was good starting with the hospital breakfast porridge. In the morning, Ivan was sent to have a physiotherapy to promote the removal of accumulated phlegm at the lungs.

We thought it was pretty much over and Ivan can be discharged soon with his sign of improvement. However, in the afternoon the paediatrician doctor brings us an unhappy news. There were sign of pneumonia at Ivan's right lung shown in the X-ray. Ivan needs to be treated with antibiotics medication to control the infection. So further monitoring is needed with extended hospital stay.

To cut the long story short, Ivan was discharged on Friday evening after staying of almost 2 days at the hospital since from Wednesday midnight. Doctor was able to release Ivan given that his improvement was satisfactory. Now Ivan still under antibiotic medication for one week. Follow up appointment will be conducted this Friday.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank God for His protection and covering on Ivan's life. Thank God for his quick recovery and healing from the pneumonia. Not forgetting also to all those who have spent their time to pray and visited Ivan. Thank you for your care and love shown to our little boy :)


d'Lion said...

Thank You Jesus for you hands upon Ivan.

richrach said...

Yes, praise the LORD!

cck said...

It already been 3 days since discharge, Ivan is his usual 'busy' self around the house again. Great to see him home safe and sound, though now the house is noisier again.

In the hospital, we have seen many other children some younger than Ivan admitted for prolong fever. And today I just found out my colleague's son about 1 year old also was admitted for pneumonia. The weather is getting really bad for the children nowadays :(

richrach said...

did ur colleague's son got the pneumococcal jab?

cck said...

didn't ask her about it. For now better avoid crowded area when our children is around with us. Seems now is the viral outbreak season.