Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blessed Birthday to Seng Woo

The Man of the Day
Last Tuesday @ 17 June 2008 less then one week after we celebrated Ely birthday, little that we realise we are back again celebrating for our friend and brother Seng Woo. This round Juan managed to join us before he need to rush to another appointment.

We went to Sungai Chua to eat spicey soup noddle a.k.a 'lak tong mee' recommended by Ely. The restaurant is just beneath where Juan's apartment and also a walking distance from Ely's house. Unfortunately didn't manage to take photos of the main dish as we were hungry and busy eating. I mean I am busy eating because too hungry.

Seng Woo, we wish many returns on your birthday.


dorcas said...

wei wei, my birthday coming soon as well .... where is my birthday cake

d'Lion said...

Blessed birthday to woo
Blessed birthday to woo
Blessed birthday to Seng Woo
Blessed birthday to woo

Once you are hungry, photo taking seems secondary. Food comes first.

d'Lion said...

Ah Juan must bring me there, since it is just 'downstairs' from his place

d'Lion said...

I have many times not taken photos because the foods calling me to eat first and take empty plates and bowls photos.

cck said...

same same. no food where got energy to take photos

cck said...

should try the spice soup noddles. not bad for something new

cck said...

Not to forget. Dorcas, to claim your birthday cake you need to come to Kajang. And bring your MyKad as proof. KAKAKAKAKA

joshua said...


aiyah, dorcas. u save more money by buying ur own cake than going to kajang!!!!

kidding ah. 8|