Saturday, June 28, 2008

Windows no more Gates

Bill Gates retires

William Henry Gates III at 53 years of age Microsoft co-founder, who more than anyone else is credited with introducing computers into homes and offices worldwide, clocks off from his final day at the office Friday after 33 years.

Gates formed what would eventually become Microsoft with Paul Allen, a friend from school, in New Mexico back in 1975.

According Forbes after 13 years on top, Bill Gates is no longer the richest man in the world. That honor now belongs to his friend and sometimes bridge partner Warren Buffett with fortune estimated $62 billion. Gates is now worth $58 billion and is ranked third richest in the world. Mexican telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helú now ranks as the world's second richest person with a net worth of $60 billion.

Gates' free time will now be devoted to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which he and his wife founded in 1994 to "help reduce inequities in the United States and around the world," according to the organization's Web site.

Enjoy your 'retirement' Mr. Gates. Feel free to drop by Malaysia.

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