Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lets go to school

Last Sunday marks another milestone accomplishment for Ivan as he attended his first Sunday School class with the rest of his koh-koh and jieh-jieh. In his class he was the youngest at 2 years 4 months. It was also my first day as Sunday School teacher since volunteer for the service about 2 months ago. What makes it even a more meaningful day is that I was the teacher for Ivan's class.

Ivan initially quite reluctant to join. He cried at the beginning of the class and clinging to me like Koala. Marilyn steps to assist me with starting the class moving the other regular children. In the class was Shanon, Candra, David, Andrea as well as Ivan. A small group for this tiny fellows. I managed to share my assigned story/lesson 'The Birth of Isaac' as Ivan settled down. Thank God as the class went pretty smoothly especially with Marilyn helps. And Ivan also did well by sitting through the end.

We were then adjourn to paint animal rocks for Father's Day project as gifts to all the church daddy next week. I guess it an early Father's Day present for me to experience this unique moment in Ivan life.

For those daddy who are reading this blog, Marilyn mentioned we need more father figure teacher to guide and set an example for the young children. So calling all fathers to come forth to take up this unique opportunity to make a different to the next generation!


richrach said...

great to see the Children Ministry is incorporating fathers as teachers.

Am sure Marilyn is so relieve to have u and ppl like u around.

some more... got promo for new teachers here. hehe... not bad!

d'Lion said...

Yes Marilyn is really grateful that you volunteered you service. Thanks bro.

d'Lion said...

Silas, your turn. Teach photography.