Saturday, June 14, 2008

Someone is getting 'wiser' this month

Blessed Birthday to you, Ely!
Our dear friend Ely just celebrated her birthday last Wednesday. Thanks to Seng Woo and Sarah for being the host and the organizer for this special day. There were only eight of us including Ern Chee, Ivan and Reanne. Brother Juan unable to join as he is tight up with duties at church.

It has been a while that we get together for fellowship. Pizza was our main menu that evening followed with fruits and desserts. We ate to our full. We wish to continue our catching up but our children are already getting sleepy and moreover the adults also need to work tomorrow. So we finished last by presenting Ely with her birthday cake. We sang and pray for the 'wiser' birthday girl.

Anyway, Ely you are a big girl already loh. So don't play play liao. Hahahahaha....

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joshua said...

Blessed birhtday, Ely.

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