Friday, June 6, 2008

Painful Cut

Almost forgot to pen down an adventure both Ivan and I gone through last Sunday.

It is an usual things all of us do. Some do it monthly. and when required or feel like doing it. Not for Ivan. He is dreadful when mentioned about it even since baby. That afternoon we when for a hair cut.

Everything seems okay until the lady barber takes out her trimmer machine. Ivan puts out his hand to refuse. He twist and turn to avoid. I have no choice but to secure/clam him between my arms and let the barber do her job. Ivan cried and screamed. Pretty embarrassing situation to be in when other customers are watching. The lady barber asked me twice why didn't get mummy to be here. I don't think it makes any different (anyway mummy is tight up with Reanne at home alone).

Ivan struggler so as the barber and don't forget me too. It takes two adult to cut a little kid's hair. What a painful cut! Eventually the whole ordeal ended but Ivan still sobbing quietly until we reached home. Of all that, I think Ivan hair now looks much better compared to when it was still long. I really hope he can overcome his fear of having hair cut soon.


joshua said...

I still wonder why kids have fear of having their hair cut...thanks for sharing, my turn coming soon!

d'Lion said...

Clean cut, and handsome

dorcas said...

Wah!....So young already going to the salon to get a haircut...Last time my hubby only to Indian barber shop...Hehehe!

cck said...

We have try Indian barber shop previously. Ivan refused also. Just want to try with lady hairdresser. Also wanted to give Ivan a better hair outlook loh.