Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cash Please

Motorists here are fuming over the sudden move by petrol stations here as well as Kedah and Perlis to refuse payment by credit and fleet cards.

The decision was made following a meeting in Butterworth at 3.30pm yesterday to discuss a circular by the Petroleum Dealers Association of Malaysia, which had sent out a notice to 3,200 members nationwide advising them to refuse all cards.

More than 400 stations in the northern region decided to enforce the move and started refusing the payment from midnight.

Don't you have the feeling that as if everything is running havoc lately. Not that it happened out of the sudden but mainly a chain reaction from a source if not few sources. Like Isaac Newton theory, in every action there is reaction. What we are seeing now is the results of reaction from the action. (I hope I haven't makes you bored already with science lesson).

Unlike Newton, Stephen Covey's (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) offer a paradigm shift to this external forces of action that seemingly and endlessly bounding us. Instead of reacting we should respond. Covey called it being proactive.

A good question is that has everybody responded positively to the action imposed directly or indirectly to us? Has the government been proactive to the global oil price hike? Or the business world that speculated the oil commodity?

In anticipating the oil price hike, I responded and applied a credit card that offer voucher redemption for petrol from the points gathered. Now it could be redundant.

For those who have the direct influential power over the majority, please learn to be proactive.

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d'Lion said...

Sg Long Shell still accepts credit cards, but not sure for how long.