Thursday, June 12, 2008

Free Water

Wuhoo............all households in Selangor will receive 20 cubic metres of water free from this month worth RM11.40.

Domestic users with individual meters in Selangor will get new bills with rebates for the water starting on Monday. Households which have been billed before Monday will receive rebate for the first 15 days of this month, in July.

As of now, the total rebate received by my family per month:-

Fuel rebate for car


(average from RM625)

Water Bill rebate




Kudos to Selangor state government and Chief Minister Tan Sri Khalid


dorcas said...

Can Save some money in one year time!

But...Some people take advantage to waste the water usage!

d'Lion said...

Cheers to the Selangor government.

Yes Dorcas what you said is true.

So... people... "Jangan Membazir Air". If you waste too much water you will bankrupt the state government. :-p

cck said...

Well said Dorcas & D'lion. We cannot be ignorance anymore. Lets be savvy. All blessing is from above. As long as we cherish it, the blessing will flow.