Friday, June 20, 2008

Empty Tank

Thieves going for fuel instead of cars

THIEVES are stealing petrol instead of vehicles following the fuel prices hike. China Press reported that owners of several cars and motorcycles at a flat in Petaling Jaya had a rude shock when they woke up to find their petrol tanks empty.

My, my this is getting ridiculous if not serious. The impart is getting worst that one would imagine. A 78 cents incremental petrol cost now pushing bigger pull down to our nation social-economy.

What would be next? I guess we have to install special locking device for our vehicle fuel tank to prevent theft. Hey, that reminder me of Mel Gibson movie - Mad Max. There was a scene where a bandit try to steel Mel Gibson car's fuel, the car self-destruct! Kaaboom!!!! (For those who are less unenthusiastic above movie, I can't help you to describe the whole movie story about)

A matter of fact, I think we could end up like what the Mad Max movie trying to tell about. Okay, okay I try to give the sypnosis in my best ability for your sake.

The story is set in Australia in the near future, depicting a poorly-funded police unit, which struggles to protect the Outback's few remaining townspeople from violent motorcycle gangs. The film depicts the future Australia as a bleak, dystopian and impoverished society that is facing a breakdown of civil order, the causes of which are not detailed in this film but which Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior explains as being caused by widespread oil shortages and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome explains resulted in a nuclear war following the shortages.

There you have it. Best try to view the movie then you will appreciate what I try to tell. As of now, one preventive method is try not to leave full tank in your car. That's my 2 cents worth ideal.

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