Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Looks like him, sounds like him

I was just browsing one of my favourite blog site and suddenly I stumble upon a discovery.

I spotted a photo in which a person looks like my younger brother. If you know him, his photo is quite hard to be found or I should say....captured.

Here I found this photo of a crystal clear picture of him attending Louis Pang's workshop for
Charge-Up Conference 2008 . Wow, Louis I really respect you la.

Cheers bro, you're in Blog!!!


richrach said...

hahaha! coooooooool!!!!

featured in Louis Pang's blog!!! :D

cck said...

Yes confirmed, the photo was personally taken by Louis Pang himself. What an honour to be captured by him and posted in his blog.

d'Lion said...

Ohh the shy one's photo taken by Mr Pang. :-D

SilasVkiat said...

i was busy and rushing for the print-out, if not i would have dodged away. i am suprised, truely what was spoken, "whatever that is hidden (avoid/dodge) will be exposed". All this while i was able to dodge many shots, but this time i am really caught big-time!!!
Way to go, Louis aka my photography shi-fu...haha