Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day

This year I celebrated my 2nd Father's Day since Ivan was born followed with Reanne.

What makes this year extra special beside having Reanne celebrating with me, this round I received a gift from Ivan (with thanks to Auntie Sally who guided Ivan to find me in front of all the church's fathers). The gift was the rock which Ivan and me painted during the Sunday School (refer my previous post). We painted a rat. The other rock was painted by other children.

This year we saw a few new fathers stepping in front receiving the honour and blessing from the church such as Seng Woo, Joshua and my brother Silas. I'm sure they are excited about the joy and their new experience.

We were blessed by the church for acknowledging the father's role and praying for us to be in the likeness of our Heavenly Father. Click here to read more of the Father's Day tribute from none other than our 'spiritual father' Ps. Dexter shared by Elijah (posted by Rachel).


sheela said...

hehe it was so hard to get Ivan to walk in front..maybe he got scared coz everyone started looking..and he was the first in line..aunty soo pei tried her best to convince him:)
God Bless all The Daddys..and give them the wisdom and strength to be able to mould their children to become Godly kids..

dorcas said...

What a beautiful gift!

cck said...

Amen, Sheila. Ivan is pretty shy when he is with a big crowd. Hope he grow out of it with courage.

Oh my, I forgotten that Daniel Chew also the 'new' father on the block. Sudah naik pangkat, brother!