Friday, June 13, 2008

Beef Up

Today, mummy resume her works after 3 and half day MC due to gastric pain. However until now we still not sure whether it is caused by food poisoning or gastric attack. Mostly likely is gastric since the pain is from the stomach.

She is still under medication as doctor gave her a more potent type. Should the pain persist, we were advice to check with the specialist to do scope to inspect her stomach. Definitely hope she don't need to do the discomfort scope and her stomach is fine.

Ivan on the other hand was down with fewer since Wednesday evening. Doctor says it is likely due to dehydration as Ivan drank very little water lately. There were no flu, cough or soar throat.

Really can't afford to have either mummy or me being down with sickness when our children still so little. Gotta beef up our family health programme to keep everyone fit and healthy. That goes to spiritual health also.

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