Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Breast-Feeding May Boost IQ

Children who were breast-fed exclusively for the first three months of life or longer scored nearly six points higher on IQ tests at the age of 6 than children who weren't breast-fed exclusively, a new study has found.

The finding buttresses previous research that has suggested that children and adults who were breast-fed as infants scored better on IQ tests and other measures of cognitive development, such as thinking, learning and memory, the study authors said.

"Long and exclusive breast-feeding makes kids smarter," said lead researcher Dr. Michael S. Kramer, of McGill University and the Montreal Children's Hospital, in Canada.

When the children were 6.5 years old they were given a standard IQ test. Those children who were exclusively breast-fed scored, on average, 7.5 points higher in verbal intelligence, 2.9 points higher in nonverbal intelligence, and 5.9 points higher in overall intelligence.

In addition, their teachers said the breast-fed children had significantly better academic performance in both reading and writing, compared with children who weren't breast-fed exclusively.

Kramer thinks women should breast-feed exclusively for at least three, and if they can, six months, and try to continue breast-feeding for at least a year.

SOURCES: Michael S. Kramer, M.D., McGill University, and Montreal Children's Hospital, Montreal; Ruth Lawrence, M.D., professor, pediatrics, University of Rochester School of Medicine, Rochester, N.Y., and member, executive committee, section on breast-feeding, American Academy of Pediatrics; May 2008 Archives of General Psychiatry

Both of our children are breast-fed. Ivan was breast-fed until 1 year old and presently Reanne whose going to be 4 months old this few days is still in progress. All credits must goes to mummy for her dedication and unfailing loves to see our children gets the best.

So all mothers out there get your boobs busy!


richrach said...

Well, it's great to hear that some mothers are able to breastfeed exclusively, but sad to say, it is not for me.

The very fact that Sarah is a "heavy" drinker makes it even harder for me but of course, giving what's best for our babies is always a priority... just sometimes, it's in different ways. Some are more blessed with busier boobs! Haha! Anyway, thanks for sharing.

cck said...

I believe all mom will want to give their best. As long as you have done it the rest does not matter more. Loves conquer all.