Monday, June 2, 2008

Getting the Booster

Yesterday, Reanne when for her 2nd Pneumococcal jap a.k.a Prevnar. She takes it real good as she cried only a little but quickly resume her normal cool look after Dr. Khoo pacified her. Reanne even greeted the doctor with a smile when he calls her before applying the jab. On the other hand Ivan look anxious almost immediately when he step in Dr. Khoo's room. Still got the phobia.

Reanne does has the characteristic of the mother whom possess immerse inner strength. I witnessed it again and again at mummy life especially when she delivered both Ivan and Reanne at the labour room. She hardly complaint of the labour pain. Even the midwife commented her 'strength'.

Well, Reanne 3rd dos will be scheduled on Aug 2008.


SilasVkiat said...

yup, i've it seen it b4, such internal strentgh. i wonder whether she had practised secret shaolin internal "Qi" in her youth...hehe.

She's a good mum, caring, patient, and smiley. Cheers always.

richrach said...

Amazing ya?!!

i wish i have that too... but i'm more vocal in complaining :p
maybe sarah follow that part of me, that's why she's "loud"... hmmmm...