Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Emergency Call

Yesterday, at about 1pm I got an emergency call from mummy. She sms me first but I didn’t notice as I was on my way to lunch with colleagues.

At the other end of the line her voice distinctively sounds as if she is in great pain. Mummy said her stomach was just too painful until gotto laid down. Knowing her if she can say it is painful that means it is really, really, really painful. Her stomach mush has been contracting.

I rushed back and get my car and immediately drove to her office which is about an hour drive with traffic. By the time I reach there she already vomited once. Drove her to the nearest clinic and doctor described as food poisoning that makes the gastric pain. Both of us took half day leave, MC for her but EL for me.

It makes no sense because I also ate the same food she eats. She really has no idea how it happens.

Unfortunately, that is not over yet. The gastric pain repeated several times as mummy rest at home. Finally we decided to visit our regular Dr. Lawrence to have a second opinion. He gave another set of medication for her gastric pain. She seems okay after that.

Then, at mid nite mummy complained her lips, throat, hands and feet are swelling. Both of us hardly sleep well that nite.

This morning my father brought her to see Dr. Lawrence again to see what might trigger the allergies. The doctor gave a new medication to replace what might have causes the effects. Another extra day of MC for mummy. During this time of my post, mummy has recovered a lot already. Thank God.

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richrach said...

By the time silas n i saw her last night, she looked pretty well already. Didnt know she suffered that much of pain.

Thank God she's on the road to recovery!